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General Questions

1Do I need a GP referral?
In Ireland and in many other countries patients can only access a specialist such as a urologist by means of a referral. This is usually from their general practitioner but is often from other specialists also. The Medical Council (the doctor’s regulatory authority) does not allow specialists to see patients without such a referral.
2I am going to see a urology surgeon – does that mean that I am going to have an operation?
Only about 10% of patients we see as outpatients in the specialty of urology actually need anything surgical done at all. Many patients just require assessment, straightforward tests or medical treatment.
3Can public patients attend?
Our practice is full time private attached to the Bon Secours. We deal with public patients who are referred from the National Treatment Purchase Fund or Special Delivery Unit but the large majority of patients carry private health care insurance. Nevertheless any patient, insured or otherwise, can request an appointment.
4Do I have to have health insurance?
No. Only a small minority of patients who attend the Cork Clinic office will actually need anything done in the hospital. Insurance companies do not generally cover the cost of such outpatient appointments anyway although some will reimburse part of the fees paid. Therefore even if you don’t have health insurance you can still arrange an appointment and will at least have an opinion about your problem.

Patients' Comments

1Patients' comments
"From our first meeting with Dr. Lanigan we felt fully confident that we would be getting the best care. Which he did and also excellent follow-up care”
“The total experience from consultant to kitchen staff was excellent”
“Process could not have been better”
“I couldn’t speak highly enough of Mr. Lanigan and his attention and time given to me. The doctors and nurses were most helpful and attentive. Mr. Lanigan, doctors and nurses went beyond the call of duty towards me at all times”
“Very satisfied”
“Mr. Lanigan provided an excellent service, was very thorough and professional”
“Mr. Lanigan was patient, professional and communicated and listened and answered questions very well. He came across as being very sincere and very focused”
“Very thankful for a great outcome”

Patients' Ratings

1What our patients say
We take pride in providing the best service we possibly can to our patients. This applies to the administrative and physical aspects of the service as well of course as the clinical and medical treatments. We recently carried out a survey of 20 patients who responded on a completely anonymous basis (i.e. they could not be identified from their answers). We were very gratified that every single one responded. They were asked to score 13 aspects of the service they received on a scale of 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied). We were very pleased indeed that not a single patient scored any aspect of the service as 1 or 2 (i.e. dissatisfied or very dissatisfied) and only 2 questions were given a score of 3. 48 of the questions were given a score of 4 by the patients (i.e. satisfied) and 198 answers were scored 5 (i.e. very satisfied). A small number of questions did not apply to every patient and were not answered.

The questions asked:
How did you find the appointments process?
Did you feel that the staff whom you met provided a professional caring service?
Were you satisfied with the physical environment of the Cork Clinic office, suite 20?
How satisfied were you with the actual consultation itself?
Were you satisfied that you had sufficient time to discuss your problem to your satisfaction?
How satisfied were you with the administrative elements of your attendance such as payment and booking for any procedures (if done)?
How satisfied were you that your condition was explained clearly to you?
How satisfied were you that you were presented with all of the relevant facts about your problem?
How satisfied were you that any procedure which you were due to have was fully discussed?
How satisfied were you with the amount of time which you had to consider your decision?
How satisfied were you with your attendance at the Bon Secours Hospital?
How satisfied were you with the attention paid to you during this visit by:
(a) Mr. Lanigan?
(b) Nursing & other staff at the Bon Secours?
(c) Follow-up arrangements?
13.) How satisfied would you be to recommend this practice to a friend or relative should they be unfortunate enough to need to see a urologist?
1 = 0
2 = 0
3 = 2
4 = 48
5 = 198